Friday, April 24, 2009

Evidence to Chinese Culprits!!

Important note: This is not for children or the weak hearted!! This is a disturbing piece of evidence, and we as humans I repeat! We as humans have Got to make this Stop!!!

The Images below are Rated they are not to be viewed by children under 18!

I received this e-mail a couple of days ago subjected: Unbelievable!! I didn’t even think twice before clicking on that subject…. (I regret it) all I thought that this would be an e-mail filled with some insane stunts or something interesting or funny. What else can one expect with a subject like that and it’s sent from a friend.

Here goes… if you are not an adult or some one with a weak gutt stop reading now!
I know it sounds unbelievable and the worst part is that it’s true, anyone reading this article and can do something about this horrifying issue please do. Any Chinese citizen who Is reading this, I am not judging but if you can do some thing don’t hold back this is your chance to report these demons and let the local authority separate these animals from our world don’t forget this is happening in your Homeland. I am hating publishing this post, but I can’t help it I have to do my part and SPREAD THE WORD.

A town in Canton is now taking baby herbal soup (yes you read it correct!!!) to increase health and sexual performance/stamina. The cost in China currency = approx $4000. A factory manager was interviewed and he testified that it is effective because he is a frequent customer. It is a delicacy whereby expensive herbs are added to boil the baby with chicken meat for 8 hours boiling/steaming.

He pointed to his second wife next to him, who is 19 (he is 62), and testified that they
have sex everyday. After waiting for a couple of weeks, he took this reporter to the
restaurant when he was informed by restaurant Manager that the spare rib soup
(local code for baby soup) was now available.

This time, it was a couple who have 2 daughters and this 3rd one was confirmed to be a daughter again. So the couple aborted the baby which was 5 months old. Those babies close to be born and die naturally costs 2000 in China currency. Those aborted ones cost a few hundreds in China Currency. Those couples who did not want to sell dead babies, placentas can be accepted also for couple of hundreds.

The reporter making comment that is this the problem arise from Chinese being taking too much attention in health or is the backfire when China introduced one child in a family policy (since majority prefers to have male babies and those poorer families need ended up selling their female babies.) This is Insanely stupid!!! The images below are evidence.. there are a few missing due to space issues..




  1. Oh God Oh God. it is the most shocking and horrible thing that i have ever read or watched.All the time i thought that death of innocent people in Bomb Blasts is horrible but i have just changed my mind after reading this article.It ends human cruelty limit right here...

    It should be stopped immediately!!!!

  2. OH GOD.....shit...
    it is the most horrible thing i have ever seen :(

  3. This is horrible and very disturbing...I don't believe my eyes...awful, terrible :(

  4. Well .... is it real? I don't think any human, in their right senses, could even imagine that.

  5. This is really Disgust..
    Sad to see this

  6. this is horrifying i taught chines people would eat anything but not these

  7. Please Who ever is reading this if you can do anything about this issue please doo!!

  8. Guess we aren't really Human. Worse than animals. How any one have this soup to increase their f****** sex life. Sad!!!! really horrifying n pathetic.
    Hey RD. Thanx for sharing this and ur other blogs.

  9. thank you for your comments Archana..

  10. it can't be real :l

    like arghh speechless :X

  11. horrible..i can't imagine this..

  12. This is not new it was written also in the Bible (Wisdom 12:3-5)...

  13. Oh my god. this is shocking..they are no conscience.


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