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Parenting: Tutors VS. Self Study (Under Parents supervision)

First things first parenting is not an easy job & I am totally against Tutors for children, i know education is important but Sending a Child to school than sending him again for a few hours to a Tutor that’s just too much for a child! We as adults work for 8-10 hours daily even we cant take it some times and doing that to a child by sending them to a Tutor that’s just wrong! Most of us have to take loads of cups of tea and Coffee just to keep our self awake at work and some of us smoke to keep our heads together. What can a child do?? Drink loads of coffee? Smoke.
Hell NO! [By the way do not get your child addicted to coffee or tea]

Well there are parents who don’t have the time for their children education, that’s just an exception for where both parents are working late hours and they need to send their children to a Tutor. For the rest 70-80%, at least one of the parents would be coming earlier who could supervise their Children. Let’s face it, sending your child to a Tutor is just the easy way out. So here is my message for those lazy parents who don’t want to give some time (quality time) to their children’s education!

Some of you all might be saying that your child can’t keep up with the pressure of studying and this generations education, I agree but just in exceptional cases! If your child cant keep up, go speak to the teacher ask him/her to give your child extra attention don't just start finding a Tutor . SPEAK to them! It’s not a big deal; children take time adjusting, if your child’s teacher can’t help your child. Than that’s the teachers fault not the child’s (there are a few cases where children have problems and they do need extra help)

Instead of writing a whole bunch of paragraphs (I know some you’ll are like when this post will get over…) so I am just going to jot a few pointers, as to why your child doesn’t need a Tutor!

  • 4-5 hours of school education is more than enough, Do not over work his/her head with a Tutor.
  • There is a big chance children might think that he/she is not normal as to other Children and he needs extra help. That will just destroy his confidence.
  • The difference between a Good student and an Average student. Is application! If your child learns 2+2=4 like a parrot. What’s the point?
  • This point links with the one above. Your children will become dependent on Tuitions; he/she will never apply what he learns at school. Common think about it. As a child your teacher is trying to explain something on the board and you have an option of going for tuitions!

Will you pay attention or will you think; hell I go for tuitions! My tutor is going to explain me the exact same thing when I go for tuitions. WHY SHOULD I PAY ATTENTION NOW???!!

  • Your children will learn to be responsible (he/she will pay attention to their education cause they wont have a back up)
  • Your child will know the difference between play time and education.
  • A tutor is there for the money! He doesn’t care if your child understands anything as long as your child passes his tests.

To all Parents: Tuition for your children is not the best option for everyone, if you analyze your children yourself you will know. You taught him to walk, eat, talk etc etc... You know your children better than anyone.
If you honestly think he needs professional help; only than arrange for a Tutor otherwise put in a few hours of your day and your child will turn out just fine.

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  1. Hey Roger, the blog which you have started is really very important and essential. I do agree with you. What I feel is that tuitions should not be made compulsory. Tuitions are the extra burden put on the students. This is sometimes forced by the parents as they want their child to attain good marks. And another reason for this is, the ever increasing competitions. No doubt that weak students do require extra attention. But that can be solved by parents and tuition is not the only solution. Tutors have made tuition a business rather than a help. They take the batch of at least 25 or more students. So again the batch of these many students is not fruitful for students at all._ Arnold Fernandes

  2. hey..
    Parenting is more important than tutoring.
    no one can guide children in a way as parents can!
    Specially moms..

  3. A child is like a flower, you can water it, grow it then you will get its beauty and pleasant smell. Other wise it will be just a moment to frame on the wall of your memories... nice post... keep it up.

  4. Thank you AKiza.. i will Do my best!! and Mehwish i Agree with you!!


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