Monday, April 20, 2009

Tips to Improve fuel efficiency for Cars

This post is for all drivers out there, who just wonder why their cars are consuming so much fuel and why they end up to the Gas station so frequently to fill up again.

like previous posts i am going to jot pointers down so you wont strain your eyes reading and reading and reading... So here goes

My List for improving fuel efficiency for Cars

1. Check for the fuel cap
Yes that is a very important. If your cars fuel cap is loose the fuel in your car is bound to evaporate. So the next time you see you car, just take a minute and check the fuel cap.

2. Park your car In the Shade
This one will relate to the above pointer, you'll will be knowing that your fuel will evaporate and even if the car is switched off. And its not parked in the shade, than your car will warm up and slowly the fuel will evaporate. So the next time you want to park your car look for shade..!

3. Drive within the speed limit.
I know some of you'll just ignored this one cause you'll just need to jam on the accelerator as you rev up your cars engine thinking of it as a racecar but trust me by driving within speed limits its not only good for other people's health but it will also save you some cash each time because when you drive fast your car will consume more fuel.

4. Stop! at a RED light!
when ever waiting in front of a Red light is your car moving?? No right? than why waste the fuel? relax calm down and wait for the the Green. you will save up at least a couple hundred!!

5. Pump it up!!
I mean your Cars Tires. If your cars tires are under inflated it doesn't just wear them it even effects the cars mileage !!!

6. Give your car the right treatment!
This is not exactly a way to chip off on fuel but a general way to save a lot of money.
From changing motor oil to putting the appropriate fuel,
from changing air filters to washing your car. If you take care of your car it will take care of you. So consider giving your car the maintenance it deserves if you don't it will cost you way more than you could think off!

I'll end this post with a little trivia
There's a 7 letter word in the English Language, when spelled backwards forms the same word.. You can tell me your answer with your comments!!!
Hint: i have used that particular word in this post! will look forward to your answer!

Dear Reader hope you save up on fuel & do leave comments!
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  1. You need to do a little research on #1 and #2. All cars made since the mid 90s have closed fuel systems. If your gas cap fails to seal, you will get a check engine light. ANd, since they are sealed systems, the park in the shade issue is...not an issue. Now, the fact that you may not need A/C when you get in your car may save some gas, but that is something else altogether. Some websites to check out for fuel saving tips:


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