Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Barack Obama & the War on Terror

Obama at the age of 48 the 1st Black President of the United States of America. Coming from Hawaii, United States; who would have thought that this child would become The President Of the Leading Nation of the world.

Everybody is just waiting for Obama to Bring a change and not just In the United States but but to bring change in the whole world! That's quite a big responsibility, Of course he did know that when he stood for the elections.

The Question everyone asks these days, will Obama clean the mess the previous President made?
will he be able to stabilize Americas Economy? Will he end the War in IRAQ? Will Obama be able take down Al-Qaeda? The list can go on...

The only thing People can do as far as Obama's concerned is wait! Personally after Listening to Obama's Speeches, even i am convinced he will be able to bring World Piece.

The guy is educated, he is into sports he relates to every American from the Middle class to the Upper. you'll must have seen pictures of Obama playing Basket Ball, As some one who does like Basket Ball, alot of us have to accept Obama can Play Basketball! Imagine George Bush playing BasketBall :D

His Agenda for Foreign Policy Include

a. Capturing Nuclear Materials from Terrorists:

His time line for capturing all Materials, is 4 years & try to Ban production of Nuclear Materials.(4 years is quite a lot of time Mr. Obama)
b. End Threat from Iran.
Obama will Offer membership in the WORLD TRADE Organization if Iran stopped their support to Terrorist.
c. Renew American Diplomacy
Obama will rebuild alliances. Meet with all nations, friend and foe, to increase American interests.

No Doubt Obama's Main focus would be to offend the Al-Qaeda and other Terrorists to regain World piece he is willing to provide resources to all other Nations to fight the war on Terror Including Pakistan!
Which these days is like a Terrorist Joint.
Just in the Beginning of 2009, The Sri Lankan Cricketers were shot and wounded, the tour was abandoned, when i seen the videos of the hidden security cameras i was shocked to see how a bunch of guys escaped so easily passing by a Police vehicle without being noticed, riding bikes with Guns sticking out of their backpacks and than recently the Terror attack in a POLICE ACADEMY killing above 10 recruits, both these incidents were taken place in Lahore.

keeping in mind the havoc which India encountered with a bunch of Terrorists. Its simply disturbing knowing how well these Terrorist manipulate the system and perfectly execute their plans perfectly without getting Caught.
9/11 was the worst case everyone experienced, and everyone single person on earth was effected by it.

Obama is in a war where the odds are against him,
I pray that he succeeds.

"I am asking you'll to Believe
not just in my ability
to bring
about real change in Washington...
asking you to believe in Yours"- Barack Obama

[Very well said]

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  1. Run this article through spell checker, and reread it, I could not follow it makes no sense at all.

  2. i ran a spell check it did not show any flaws...

  3. Honestly, Obama scares me. He uses emotion to fire up the audience; I'm not hearing much in the way of facts coming from him. And his "mandatory volunteer program" that he's trying to start up? Isn't that shades of Germany in the 1930's? And you know who the leader was then ...


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