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Key Points to improve your game of Snooker, Billiards, Pool, or 8 Ball

Ever wondered.. how can one improve his/her game of Snooker, billiards, pool or 8 ball? Well the only Answer to this is PRACTICE and a lot of it!!
But I will help you guys with some tips to improve your game of Snooker, billiards, pool or 8 ball , now i don't promise you that you'll will be able to become Pro's but it will help you Improve your Snooker game. Billiards, Pool, Snooker or 8 ball are all different games, but concept of them is the same even though the cue or the balls maybe different but these tips will come in handy no matter if you are playing any of the above mentioned games: "Billiards, Pool, Snooker or 8 ball"


Now you are going to hear all kind of ways. for e.g back leg straight front leg bent.... etc etc
The Key is to be comfortable when standing, if you are comfortable with bending your Leg than bend it.
A good way is, Once the Object ball stops you walk up to the object ball stand straight, opposite to the direction you want to hit the ball in. Than Bend, being parallel to the table.

Now this is also an important part, assuming your grip hand is right. Your left hand will on the table and your right hand the "grip hand" will be holding the Cue from the bottom.
Stretch your left palm as comfortably as you can including your thumb. Once you are comfortable get a grip on the carpet for a firm base, as if you are trying to hold the carpet. now once you got a nice firm base lift your thumb sticking it to your knuckles creating a "V" Shape . that's where the front of cue will keep rocking back and forth.
Now we will focus on the hand which is holding the cue the "grip hand" from the bottom. Remember comfort, gripping Cue firmly with your Index and thumb squeezing it enough that it does not fall or dangle and letting the rest of the fingers wrap around it.

This is one of the key elements of a good shot. When approaching the table for your shot, look for the possible pots. See for the one you can play successfully and comfortably. Once you Select the shot, create a blue print of where you have to hit the object ball for it can travel to the desired Pocket. Once you have an image of what you should play for the shot to be successful. You are ready!!

The Shot.
The final step to consider always. Now you know everything but how do you take a proper shot. SIMPLE!! keep the image of where you have to hit the object, keep the blue print in your head. before you strike move the cue back and front as in rocking a baby...! just for final adjustments, now look at your cue ball, see where you have to hit it and than that's it do not look back at the cue ball. while rocking back and front with your grip hand. keep your eyes on the object ball and keep your eyes on it. After you strike, do not lift your head up. Follow through with your shot wait till the cue ball touches the object ball and check your shot. Analyze your shot for the next one.

To check angles you can always play pool online and you can always download snooker 147 the online game, which has been on my PC for years.

I am no O'Sullivan or Jimmy White. I am just an average player. Keep these points in your head the next time you go to play snooker. Trust me your Game will IMPROVE.

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    its just great terrific!!!


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