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Abortion -- An Answer or Murder??

I had received a lot of comments, reviews and messages (thank you) on my last post Evidence to Chinese Culprits there was this one person (don’t want to mention his name) who actually defended those culprits, I was stunned we were in quite an argument for several days, this guy was defending the freedom of those Cannibals well,.. Anyways disturbing as it may sound there was a point where he mentioned that Abortion is a normal thing to do and he kept relating it to the term “FREEDOM” that just got me thinking, could he be right or wrong?

Abortion – Murder or A RIGHT?? Well this is one question which has not been answered in ages! On one hand it’s the perfect solution for unwanted/teenage pregnancies and on the other its Murder!!

Considering that these fetus’s in a few months be living Human beings
Than abortion is Murder of course it is!, on the other hand Human Rights Activists are against abortion because of the fact that it is Murder but than snatching away the Right! from a teenage girl to abort her unplanned pregnancy doesn’t that too come under violation of Human Rights??

Aborting a Fetus due to medical reasons such as disability or any other cause should that be allowed? I guess so. Teenage Pregnancy is a major issue in many parts of the world, infact most parts of the world.

Its not that the problem of Teenage Pregnancy has been ignored in the Past, Birth Control pills, condoms are a few solutions provided to these Teenagers But its a sad truth that it hasn’t been very effective.

Abortion is not as safe as it seems, there are reported cases of death due to abortion and sadly not all of them are reported officially.
If a pregnant woman is murdered, some U.S. states have laws which consider the status of fetal being as a living person, charging separate counts of death for the woman and fetus. There are People agree that incase of Pregnant Women being murdered there are 2 death counts and at the same time support Abortion.

Most Religions including Christianity, Islam and Buddhism are against Abortion but in a few cases give it permission.

The Conclusion?? Well I believe that Abortion of a fetus is Murder at the same time I support the rights for women who are not ready for their unplanned pregnancies.
Is Abortion right or wrong?? What do you say?

Do let me know what you think!!

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  1. Of course it is a murder. If females are not ready for the baby, than they must has to have strong precautions. but once if they come to know that they possess baby, they should have to let them alive. abortion of unplanned children is the second name of murder

  2. Agreed its a murder. But y is that only a lady is blamed for the killing/ aborting the fetus. Wht if the girl was raped??

    It is one of those things with can't be categorized in to Right and Wrong. Though i don't rule the fact that killing or aborting the fetus is murder. But there are times when the act of abortion has conditions attached to it.

  3. Archana
    as far as rape cases are concerned than yes i agree, abortion is the best solution (After SHOVING A MISSILE in those Rapists!!!)
    and i did state that if a girl is not ready than abortion is a choice. other than that.. IF you have control over your urges.. or Use proper protection.. than abortion cases can be decreased!!

  4. It should be up to the woman always if she wants to get an abortion not the government. If it is outlawed then women must go underground to unsafe location to get it done if desired. What makes me mad is that an abortion doctor can take a fetus and kill it, but if the woman tries to do it herself while inside her that is considered murder and she can then go to jail. A case happened here where I live like that. Abortions should stay legal. The government already is into our private issues too much.

    The men could also help in preventing the pregnancies, there is a new birth control injection for men now. This is progress.

  5. http://asilee.com/2009/03/30/atheist-christians-abortions-and-murder/

  6. There is a difference in what is murder and what isn't. So if the baby is dying or doing harm to the murder and the doctors have no choice but to give the mom an abortion...that's still murder? If so, someone needs to redefine murder.

  7. I meant mother...not "doing harm to the murder"

  8. Abortion – kill ur self it's not if you do you are a big killer.

  9. Forcing women to abortion must not be allowed, but if the women is willing to do so, then its up to the women!!

    of course its a murder!!

  10. Cynthia could you e-mail the incident you were talking about where you live??

  11. It's the murder in MOST of the cases but still it's subjective in some cases. I'm not a big supporter of the statement that it's women decision whether she want a child or not. No it shouldn't be because one's right ends there where the rights of other getting violated because of him/her. If she is going for abortion she is actually snatching the right of survival of that child.

    Also, in cases of rape, the abortion is not the solution rather we have to check our morals. We have to treat the victim like normal girls and not as a used thing. We have to give them equal respect as others and same to the child because it wasn't the fault of either of the two. rather rapist is the one to be blamed and punished.

    The only situation where it can only be permitted is when there is a danger to the life of mother because it's a crush situation and can't be avioded.

  12. First of all having sex for entertainment is a crime in most religions yes I do agree abortion is murder. To curb this problem we need to nip it in the bud. Having sex and trying to resolve the problem with putting an end to innocent life is unfair to the unborn child. As far as rape is concerned or a medical complication I think that would not be something that requires punishment but for the one who gets involved mutual sex and regretting using a condom or a pill I must say should be dealt like a criminal


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