Friday, May 29, 2009


When you hear this country's name "Pakistan" what comes in your mind?? Osama, terrorist, taliban, HELL!!??
Well i do not blame you that's what the Media covers and that is what you see. Pakistan is blamed for terrorism, bad Government sometimes when you are browsing through the News Channels.. there is always something bad happening in Pakistan.

Just a couple days ago there was a Bomb Blast in Lahore killing some 30+ people and injuring 200 something, Yes that is very sad.. but painfully enough that is the truth and to top it of we are led by the worst choice of people. I with many people Hope for a better future for Pakistan.

Pakistan translated means the "Land of the Pure" it sounds like a joke to you doesn't it?

I still do not blame you. Just to clarify some points!
-Pakistan is not under developed
-Pakistan is not a poor country
-Pakistan is not weak
Why the Government is still asking for loans from the world bank? (God Knows!)
How much of these Loans are used to benefit Pakistan? (God Knows)

Well the images of Pakistan in your head are disturbing but following are some pictures of Pakistan that not a lot people know about not even Pakistani's.

These Places would have been one of the best Tourists Spots in the World which could earn Pakistan a lot of foreign Currency but unfortunately due to lack of security Mother Nature's Beauty is going to waste.

hope one day you can come here to visit without having ANY fear in your heart.

Shogran, Pakistan.

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  1. It did like ur optimism towards your country n also that u really look forward to living in a better country.
    Probably your country is going through a bad phase- with just the wrong govt, then too much of pressure from UN, US and but ofcourse Taliban.
    I think the problem with ur country is that it wants to keep everyone happy, failing to realize that the consequences of that act.
    Like the Taliban issue, ur country gave them shelter thinking that they will help ur country, but it turned out to be the other way round.
    Even i hope that ur country has peace soon like Srilanka did, coz i really want my neighbouring countries to be happy n prosperous.

  2. Thank you Archana for your comment.
    I disagree when you said my Country gave Taliban shelter so they could help us.
    Pakistan never gave Shelter to Taliban. Come to think about it, did you hear about America Assisting Taliban so they could use them to their advantage.. but it back fired??
    i have no solid evidence against this statement Its just a theory.. Im not sure about.. the reason i brought this up is to explain that dont Believe everything you hear.. :) thanks for your Comment :)

  3. Hi Rog3R,
    Your Reply to my comment is very debatable. There are so many things that you read about India and believe it. Same goes for me.
    But, i agree that u are in a better state to exlpain n tell me whats going on in ur country. But you can't deny the fact that your Govt is not taking the right decisions to develop your country.

  4. Hi Archana
    Let me explain how great is your media power.
    about 50% of my country population does not know what is happening around the world and how it is affecting the country But they do know which Bollywood movies are going to be a hit, whats happening on the "saas bahu" battles and which bollywood superstars are doing what..
    Pakistan is on top of every news channel, and i do agree the Govt. is not doing a good job.
    My country is not underdeveloped its just that Our resources are not being used right..

  5. i do believe with Roger's. The most influence thing in country's issue is media, payable sometimes. And we couldn't keep an eye close for this realty.
    in other side, we also can't change others opinions ... because they don't know.

    have a nice day Rogers, the country is yours. Keep the faith.


R0g3R'z ZONe

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