Friday, June 5, 2009

Google Maps-- A tool for Terrorists?

Amazing as it is! Google Maps is the best application ever.. today i watched the Eiffel Tower from at least 20 feet away. You know how?? Google Maps!!

Its a lot of fun for People who like to travel plus its handy as far searching for maps is concerned. Google's Invention is absolutely brilliant.

But! Give it a thought, if i can see the Eiffel Tower from a different continent as if i was standing there right in front of it. How will an Evil mind use this application??
Just to make sure i used Google Maps and traveled around the Eiffel Tower than browsed through New York City Streets, checked the lanes, buildings, the roads etc..

Its like you are actually standing there and checking everything out.. the 360 degree feature is awesome!!
If given some time i can get used to the streets of new york! Did Google give it a thought before launching Google Maps?
I found the following information on Wikipedia..

"Satellite view

Google Maps provides high-resolution satellite images for most urban areas in Canada, and the United States (including Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands) as well as parts of Australia and many countries. Google Maps also covers many cities.

Various governments have complained about the potential for terrorists to use the satellite images in planning attacks.[1] Google has blurred some areas for security (mostly in the United States),[citation needed] including the U.S. Naval Observatory area (where the official residence of the Vice President is located), and previously[citation needed] the United States Capitol and the White House (which formerly featured this erased housetop). Other well-known government installations, including Area 51 in the Nevada desert, are visible. Not all areas on satellite images are covered in the same resolution. Places that are less populated are usually not covered in as much detail as populated areas. In some areas, there are patches of clouds which make the map cluttered"

Even if Google tries to hide the Main Buildings would it matter? If you can see the surrounding areas you can easily make an escape route or devise a plan of any sort.

I was told that if I post this Article.. Google might Suspend my account :D

I am giving it a thought but lets see how it goes.. If you do not see any New Posts, assume that Google Deleted my account.

Anyways Dear Reader

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  1. Nothing is the evil but its usage ... Google maps is wonderful and a belssing for those in right frame of mind.

  2. Ha ha it is, more so that street view you can do now..

    plasterers bristol


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