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11 easy Step's to finding you good JOBs.

AHHhhhh… Lets face it everyone is worried about it people who have jobs, are afraid they might lose it because of the recession; the ones who don’t are worried they might not get one because the Job market is bad these days. People from every country are being affected by the current situations, and it all started when America faced a downfall in the economy. A very large number of people were cut out of their jobs; imagine the depression these jobless people might have gone through.
With Barack Hussein Obama coming forward to work as the 1st Black President of the United States of America
Many thought that things will settle down soon, things have become better but the Job market is still rough everywhere. I have friends from all over the world, who told me that the organizations they work for are downsizing (A fancy word for “throwing you out of jobs”). Well anyways we all hope and pray for things to become better; being realistic everyone knows it will take time for people to getting jobs and getting work. But don’t Lose hope.

Now a lot of Job hunters are suffering with non availability of jobs or work , after sending out 100’s of resumes they get just a couple of interview calls and lose that opportunity. Wondering what went wrong, well today I am going to help these Guys out; a few things that you’ll need to keep in mind some of them you’ll might be knowing and some you’ll haven’t even heard of.
Here goes………………

“My TO DO list for people finding Jobs ”

The Resume / Curriculum Vitae
Now most of you’ll are like “D’oh” we already knew that a Resume and a CV are the same thing with different names. Now stop, and continue reading. The Resume and CV are 2 different documents!!! even though both documents have the same structure; Information, Education, Experience, Skills etc.
The Key Difference between the 2 are:
A CV is a document which states in DETAIL the history of your Professional life.
A Resume’s is a short summary of your Professional Life.
The argument that which document is better has been going along for sometime, I’ll try to clear the misunderstanding here.
The reason Resume’s are preferred more is because no body has the time to read everything about you during an interview. Employers need just the highlights and nothing else because remember Time is money and the standard time for an interview will be from 10-30 mins.

On the other hand the reason Curriculum Vitae’s are preferred because Employers who need Professionals like Doctors, Engineers etc need to know everything about the candidate before calling a candidate for an interview.
As a Job Hunter always remember to analyze whether your employer will want to see just highlights or would want to know everything. Work on your Resume/CV.

Now remember your Resume/CV is your personal ad. It has to create an instant impression so that you get an interview call; so give quality time when creating it. If you can’t create one which will catch your attention than no one will even bother picking it up and giving you work. Throw it away! And start again.

Note: These days no one wants to pile up their desks with unwanted documents all employers prefer going through Resume/ Curriculum Vitae on the computer where it can be discarded easily. So try and send your Resume/ Curriculum Vitae via E-mail for a couple of interview calls.

Getting leads!
A very obvious one but most important one! Spread the word out friends, family, well wishers etc all you are looking for is an interview and send them your CV/Resume.
After you do that DON’T sit on your ASS waiting for Bill Gates to give you a call. Buy a Newspaper and find for jobs!!!

Home work
What I mean is before you go for the Interview. Look up the company’s website to get some information on the company, its history, what they do etc Your interviewer will appreciate the interest and effort you put into it and don't forget to recheck your CV/Resume

The Interview

Now hopefully, after sending out a couple hundred Resume/Curriculum Vitae
You will get a few calls for an interview don’t worry that’s all you want. (EXPECT a few leads. You’ll be lucky to get even one). The following are some Important Tips for the Interview.

Appropriate Attire
Keep your jeans in the washing machine, you don’t need. An interview is a formal meeting. You don’t need to wear casual or semi-casual. Keep it decent and formal!
For Men a 2 piece with a tie is great, if it’s to hot than just the tie will do with button down shirt & polish your shoes!!
For Women a 2 piece looks very professional or even a skirt with a button down shirt looks amazing( well what can I say women you’ll have the dressing sense and I know whatever you’ll pick for an interview will look good just avoid to much make up )

I am not judging!!!! Just keep in mind to cut your nails, shave etc etc these little details go along way. You don’t wannna smell like you just came out of the gym, so a nice cologne would feel good for an interview.

If you don’t show that you are confident during an interview and that you are the right person for jobs and you will do well! No one will hire you. So the next time you sit in that chair in front of your employer, show some confidence when you speak. Don’t sit like you have just been punished. Keep eye contact and feel comfortable and speak with your heart. (But don’t be over confident; no one likes a smart ass)

Be A Good Person
What I mean is. Don’t back stab your previous/current employer during the interview. Speak positively. If asked why did you leave old jobs? Now you don’t want to say that you punched your supervisor because he called you a dumass! Sugar coat it!

Think like an Intellectual
When asked a question where you have to stop and think during an interview, don’t look at the floor. It doesn’t give a good vibe. Shut your eyes when thinking than open and answer or you can always look towards the ceiling.

Dont Show Me the MONEEYYY$$$

Important: When being interviewed the 1st time don’t bring up “The Money topic” yourself.
Know your worth; you should know how much of your time you will be giving an organization;
Who else would know? But always remember whatever amount you think you deserve make sure its
Negotiable; you don’t wanna lose an opportunity just cause you wanted 100 bucks more :S

Grand Finale
As the interviewer says thank you for your time, we will give you a call if you are short listed or something like that don’t get up and walk away. Keep sitting and ask him the magic question continuing the interview.
What is the Probability that the job? Or if you can pull it off. Will I get this Job?
Many of you’ll might disagree with this Point, but let me tell you. That very moment can be the last time you might get to see that person for an interview! That’s your last chance to show that you really want the job and that you deserve it besides its a lot better than knowing that you wont get it rather than hoping for a call for a week! Don’t waste your time ask and let go.

If any of these tips has helped you. Don’t hold back do share it with me.
Leave your comments.

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  1. great all steps for finding job thanks for share here

  2. Didnt know the difference between resume and CV

  3. well Anonymous.. Now You know..
    which is my basic point anyway..


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