Monday, March 9, 2009

Top 6 tips for Amateur Photography!

* Object Placement
One Good Rule for Photography!!
To give depth to your picture; Shift your object from the center to either side, above or below just avoid the center. The next time you take a picture try this out and compare your pictures, you will realize the difference.

* Step Closer
second Good Rule for Photography
If possible always step closer to the object you want to capture, instead of Zooming in. The picture will be more clear.

* Effects
This tip is For Digital Photography!!
Almost all camera's have an option of "Effects"; don't be afraid to use these options. Even a normal self portrait when clicked in Black & White or Sepia (Sepia is my favorite) gives a very different and Interesting view. It also works great when out doors; Beaches, forest, waterfalls etc etc So the next time you're out doors and with a camera be creative use your imagination and do not hold back if you do not have Hi-Fi Camera. Even a cell phone camera works great!

* Angles!!!!! Photography view
This is a very IMPORTANT tip! Ever wondered why professional photographers click GAZILLION Pictures of Models??! No. right? That's cause they even are not sure which picture will come out great. Even when you are clicking pictures of your loved ones click a couple of pictures of the same scenario or person with different angles.

* Timing
A very Important Rule in Photography
Another Important tip and the most difficult one. Always wait for the right Moment! Ever tried capturing an image of a tear drop splashing on the ground. (I know its not easy!!!) But if you ever have managed to capture an image, Focusing on timing the object and subject you will be amazed as a photographer. Imagine a picture capturing a dog stretching in mid-air, jaws ready to grab a swinging Frisbee. Now wont that be a good picture? :)

* The FINAL TIP for Photography!!!
Always, Always remember " A Good Picture can tell a Story of a 1000 words "

Study the images you captured and you will only get better and better.

for Motivation Do View this Link.......Photography at its best!!

And here is a link to some more Good Pictures. Enjoy!

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  1. Great tips! I've been doing this for 14 years now and learn new things every single day without fail. I wonder if I'll ever get it all under control. Photography is such a creative challenge and a subjective view into someone's mind and thoughts.

  2. Photography is a form of Art i do not think anyone can be Perfect at it.. besides every image taken is a different.. if asked a professional Photographer.. I dont think he can click an image twice.. If he can than thats not perfect!!


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