Thursday, July 9, 2009

Next Generation Bombers

Can anyone guess why child is being arrested?
Probably Stealing or smuggling?

The really sad part is this Boy probably 12-13 years of age is being held because he is a Suicide Bomber. The questions which hits my head is how can such a young boy be ready to kill a few hundred people! Whats his purpose behind it? Does he even realize that he is also ending his own life?
This Kid should be in school studying or playing with toys or his friends! Why is he ending his life? Its obvious that hes not matured enough to make such a decision but who is making him do this? Who is responsible?

Are the terrorists brain washing these children in the name of Islam? Dont they realize that what they are doing is a sin by using a minor and taking other lives??

God Bless the world and i hope these children are guided the right way.

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  1. They don't care and they think they are right.

  2. This is another form of child abuse. Yes, I believe you are correct; these children are brainwashed.

  3. This is not a decision any child is capable of making. Indoctrination from an early age obviously plays a huge part in the susceptiability of anyone (even a child) to this type of twisted thinking. The movie Jesus Camp is a perfect example of how indoctrination in fanatical beiefs is accomplished.

  4. I have read the article based on the new generation bombers.They are more innovative and motivated as compare to the older generation.I agree with the point that The movie Jesus Camp is a perfect example of how indoctrination in fanatical beliefs is accomplished.This small teenagers wasting their precious time in terrorism and many more criminal acts.Who's responsible for this illegal work.The still government unable to find the true roots.I want to know suggestion from other one.

  5. Now terrorists are targeting with children remember in early 90s they started with women doing all these jobs

  6. Yep, very true very sad and his a form of child abuse...

  7. I also see this as a big problem, intelligent people use has not yet experienced children for their own purposes. This is not humane and vile!

  8. I agree with you. Terrorists brain washing to the children in the name of Islam and create a major problem for civilian.
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  9. Absolutely gobsmacked, it is brainwashing and child abuse, its shocking

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  11. Religion is the root of all evil, or at least people are using it to promote evil!!

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